Re-thinking Design Studio Pedagogy: Collaboration Between Architecture and the Allied Disciplines


  • Alexis Gregory Mississippi State University



building information modeling, collaboration, interdisciplinary, integrated project delivery, co-habitation


Building on research from the past two academic years and papers presented asa result of that research this paper is based on additional research and added variables to test the viability of collaborative studios between Architecture (ARC), Building Construction Science(BCS) and Interior Design (ID) students. The studios explored are based on three different collaborative methods. The first method is a three-week charette teaming students from ARC,BCS, and ID. The second method is a semester-long studio where collaboration was limited to ARC and BCS students who were physically separated and then came together for set assignments determined by the faculty. The third method pairs the first two methods to cohabitate the ARC and BCS students to encourage better collaboration in addition to modified assignments based on lessons learned from past collaborations.The variables between each studio include number of studio iterations, collaboration time, cohabitation of each collaboration, varying faculty for each iteration, and year-level/experiencelevel of the students. Consistencies on pedagogy from each studio were both preconceived and also developed over the length of the studio exploration and will be discussed in more depth and detail in the following paper.The collaborations will be analyzed based on data collected from all prior collaborative studios. The three-week charette studio collected data via a variety of surveys conducted over the three weeks of the studio, which included both quantitative and qualitative data. The semester long studio will use data from two surveys conducted during the semester to gauge student perceptions and information learned. This data will then be consolidated to garner successes and failures to move forward into the third iteration of both studios to improve the collaboration for the upcoming studios, as well as future iterations.




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