Special Edition: Urban data assemblage | Guest Editor: S. Carta



This is a call for articles for a special edition of ENQ: The ARCC Journal. We would like to welcome contributions from architects, urban designers, geographers and other scholars interested in urban informatics, computing, sentient cities, mediated cities, digital cities and new technologies to reflect upon the common notion of urban data assemblage (Kitchin and Lauriault 2014). The articles should reflect upon (but not limited to) the following questions:

  • How is architectural and urban knowledge produced?
  • What do machines and computers see when looking at the city and urban life?
  • What type of information do computers give to us as a result of their scanning of the built environment?
  • What architects and urban designers do with this information?
  • How sensed data are utilised in the design process?
  • Is there any new type of knowledge that we can learn from machines?
  • To what extent our understanding knowledge of the city is augmented by our extensive use of computers and algorithmic logics?

16 January 2019. Announcement call for papers

17 June 2019. Deadline for submission of papers

December 2019. Publication of the Special Edition

More information for authors: https://www.arcc-journal.org/index.php/arccjournal/information/authors


Call for Guest Editors – special themed editions


The Editorial Board for ENQ would like to solicit proposals for guest editorship of themed issues on topics of particular interest to members of the architectural research community. A special issue focuses on a specific area of research that falls within the scope of the journal and the mission of ARCC. 


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